Design Services

Some of the common design services you can find at Empire Drafting & Design include:

Remodel - If you've just moved to the perfect area but into a not-so-perfect house we want to sit down with you to discuss how our design services can help you.

Additions - Do you want to add a room? Do you want to do a pop-top? Together we can discuss the possibilities.

New Construction - The perfect lot without a house is just a lot. What would make the lot better? The dream home. Worried about a house being a "sustainable" or "green" house?

"Sustainable" - If the idea of having a "sustainable" and "green" home appeals to you there are many things to consider and many possibilities. With a LEED-AP on staff, we are qualified to assist you in providing a comfortable, affordable place to call home.

Some considerations are:

What is our budget?

What is our lifestyle?

Is our home the gathering place for our business acquaintances, our teenager's friends, our extended family, or just our immediate family?

What is the style we want?

Will we be here for several years or just a few years?

How much do we want to put into this home?

Do we want our house to be as "green" or "sustainable" as possible?

Is the curb appeal as important to us as the inside details?

We will have more questions for you to consider, but these are just a few to get you started thinking about where you are going and what you want for your home.


Where does one begin when the idea of remodeling first appears?

Again, there are some questions to consider.

What is it you need from your remodeling?

What is it that you want when you remodel?

Why do you need to remodel?

Are the rooms to small?

Is the traffic flow not flowing?

Is the home not energy efficient and hard to maintain?

Maybe you are just tired of the cupboards, the lack of space, the lack of light.

Or is the room too impersonal and you want to create a more intimate atmosphere?


What started your thoughts about an addition? Was it getting up at 4:30 to get your turn in the one bathroom? Was it the need for more living space, more bedroom space? We are going to go back to the questions again.

Why do you want to build an addition?

Will this addition solve your space problems?

Will it add to the value of the house?

What is the timetable for completion?

Does an addition fit into the budget?

New Construction

Can it be done? New Construction? You've asked yourself several questions. Should you remodel? Should you have an addition put on? None of those choices seemed the right thing to do. The decision to build a new house has been made.

But, again, what needs to be considered?

What is your budget?

What style of home to you want?

What are your entertaining needs?

Do you want a "sustainable" or "green" home?

What rooms are the most important?

Is this the home you will have for several years?

Architectural Services